OpenMP Optimization Remarks

The OpenMP-Aware optimization pass is able to generate compiler remarks for performed and missed optimisations. To emit them, pass these options to the Clang invocation: -Rpass=openmp-opt -Rpass-analysis=openmp-opt -Rpass-missed=openmp-opt. For more information and features of the remark system, consult the clang documentation:

OpenMP Remarks

Diagnostics Number Diagnostics Kind Diagnostics Description
OMP100 Analysis Potentially unknown OpenMP target region caller.
OMP101 Analysis Parallel region is used in unknown / unexpected ways. Will not attempt to rewrite the state machine.
OMP102 Analysis Parallel region is not called from a unique kernel. Will not attempt to rewrite the state machine.
OMP110 Optimization Moving globalized variable to the stack.
OMP111 Optimization Replaced globalized variable with X bytes of shared memory.
OMP112 Missed Found thread data sharing on the GPU. Expect degraded performance due to data globalization.
OMP113 Missed Could not move globalized variable to the stack. Variable is potentially captured in call. Mark parameter as __attribute__((noescape)) to override.
OMP120 Optimization Transformed generic-mode kernel to SPMD-mode.
OMP121 Analysis Value has potential side effects preventing SPMD-mode execution. Add __attribute__((assume(“ompx_spmd_amenable”))) to the called function to override.
OMP130 Optimization Removing unused state machine from generic-mode kernel.
OMP131 Optimization Rewriting generic-mode kernel with a customized state machine.
OMP132 Analysis Generic-mode kernel is executed with a customized state machine that requires a fallback.
OMP133 Analysis Call may contain unknown parallel regions. Use __attribute__((assume(“omp_no_parallelism”))) to override.
OMP140 Analysis Could not internalize function. Some optimizations may not be possible.
OMP150 Optimization Parallel region merged with parallel region at <location>.
OMP160 Optimization Removing parallel region with no side-effects.
OMP170 Optimization OpenMP runtime call <call> deduplicated.
OMP180 Optimization Replacing OpenMP runtime call <call> with <value>.
OMP190 Optimization Redundant barrier eliminated. (device only)